man hiding his face with his hand

I blame the Emperor, king, government, president, minister, governor, deputy, mayor, councilman, delegate, chief, co-workers, wife, husband, children, brother, uncle, cousin, father, mother, family, jealous, patriarchy, feminists, elite, one who has power, one who doesn't care, one who doesn't hold the door, one who leaves the wet towel on the bed, one who doesn't respect disabled parking lots.

For sure I can point fingers at the white, black, rich, poor, woman, man, celebrities, strangers, neighbor, apartment manager, mother-in-law, father-in-law, ignorant, intellectual, bullying, environmentalists, politically correct, terraplanists, globalists, scientists, globalism, left-wing, right-wing, center, doubtful people, people who are always certain.

Those who eat meat, vegans, dog lovers, animal lovers, human rights, impunity, immigrants, prejudiced, lazy, coaches, businessmen, policeman, slum, colonizers, colonized, religions, religious, atheist, one who has an opinion about everything, one who has no opinion, pets, baby crying on the plane.

Lhe damn cashier, waiter, stewardess, false friend, bus driver, gardener, prices, inflation, middle class , upper class, developed countries, capitalism, socialism, money, social warriors, communism, Buddhism, fascist, liberal, conservative, anarchist, intolerant, tolerant, Karl Max, Adam Smith, greed, inequality, meritocracy, power, imperialism, colonialism, slavery, homosexuals, asexual, perverts.

Is the music fault, the old customs, crime, robber, one who drives slowly, one who drives fast, one who complains on the Internet, one who complains about the Internet, one who doesn't, NGOs, big companies, one who doesn't work, one who only works, one who doesn't respect others, one who educates, one who doesn't educate, influencers, media.

We must not forget one who does not speak the truth, one who only speaks the truth, one who is too sincere, one who omits the truth, one who does not give me the value I deserve, lack, abundance, comfort, soft life, depression, anxiety, lack of time, lack of money, excess of money, excess of time, and some others that I don’t remember now.

Yes, it's all their fault! It can only be their fault. Mine? No! Not mine. And who are they? Well, all of them but me. Is it not clear enough?

I wish I could do something about my destiny, but they won't let it. They are always there to stop me. And I hate all of them each day a little bit more.

I wish I could do something about it, but how, if everything, and everyone are against me? If only they knew what it was like to have everyone against you. Maybe they would let me live with some peace? Maybe.

Maybe one day they will give me a chance so I can change at least a little? Possibly, one day, I can be like them. And then, that day, I will show them all right. If they gave me no relief, it is not I who will provide them with any.

Signed by: You, me, and maybe all of them.

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